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Courier not delivered eBay item

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Toohardtofindaproperusername Wed 29-Mar-17 21:10:05

I paid for item from seller, it was picked up. The delivery company (through deliver quote compare), have picked up item but no longer are answering phone or responding to emails. Delivery quote compare said they gave suspended their account as customers were complaining of poor communication, but most people have eventually got their items. But this has been going on for weeks, and the phone number is clearly no longer being used at all, it just comes up with a 'no longer in use' standard message.

Any advice?

Deliver quote compare suggested police. I'm going to start googling (and probably avoid courier services in future)

Thanks for any advice at all... I haven't got a clue where to start

nauticant Thu 30-Mar-17 09:33:07

Who arranged the courier? Was it you?

If you're just interested in getting back your money and can't be bothered trying to solve the problem with the courier, you could open an "Item Not Received" case with either ebay or Paypal (the choice between these two depends when the item was supposed to have been delivered).

Toohardtofindaproperusername Thu 30-Mar-17 18:35:20

Thank you. I hadn't even thought about an eBay or Paypal claim/case. Item purchased Feb and was picked up and supposed to be delivered this weekend just gone so all very current. well, they kept stringing me along so maybe I have missed a 30 day window for a claim or similar but I will investigate those two options tonight. Thank you. Would like the item I bought but realistically would take the simpler option of getting money back if it was less hassle... It's taken so much time already I am a bit tired of it all.
Thanks for the advice. Off to eat tea and investigate!

nauticant Thu 30-Mar-17 20:32:32

ebay has a short window of, I think, 30 days while Paypal has a 180 day window although you should check that this does apply in the case of "item not received"

If you open a case I'd suggest you do it in Paypal.

Just bear in mind that if you claim and get your money back, this will be taken from the seller and you might feel that the seller has done no wrong if it was actually a courier arranged by you who has "lost" the item.

Toohardtofindaproperusername Thu 30-Mar-17 21:17:37

Ah... That does change things as it was /is the courier and not seller at fault. Back to drawing board I fear ... Bug helpful to start thinking about options .. Thanks nauticant

nauticant Thu 30-Mar-17 21:55:04

Here's the thing. If you haven't received the item then no matter whose fault it is you may well be entitled to your money back if you open an "item not received" case with Paypal within the relevant time period. One justification is that all sellers on ebay are supposed to know that they should send their items via a tracked service so that if there is a "delivered" notification available they will be protected by ebay (and also by Paypal), and if the item is lost then the seller can make a claim against the delivery company they arranged.

So in these circumstances there's a good chance you can get your money back.

However, you might feel that this wouldn't be fair on the seller so might decline to do so. It's up to you.

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