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Form C1a

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Rumblingtummy Fri 24-Mar-17 16:42:21

I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this.
I sent in the form C1A with the C7 acknowledgement form as I am the respondent. My ex is wanting more contact with the children. I'm resisting because of ongoing concerns.
I saw a solicitor for a free half hour but unfortunately I don't qualify for legal help. I showed him the paper work so far and he said to send in a supplementary letter/statement to support the C1A that I'd sent to the court a few days earlier.
He said he could do the letter for me, but I think would cost £X amount of money so I said I would do it and he gave me a rough idea what to put into it.
I got a letter yesterday from ex's solicitor ( as I sent them a copy too) saying I did not have the courts permission to do this and they are objecting it. The court has sent it back to me.
Why???? I don't understand. Why did the solicitor tell me to do something that was against the rules? I don't understand .
This has put the kids in an awkward position and has left them open to more abuse from the ex as he now knows what they have said to me. I'm so cross.

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