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c100 form

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user1490009958 Mon 20-Mar-17 11:42:13

My ex partner recently applied for a C100 form and I’ve now received my court date for next month.
He hasn’t seen our child since November because I stopped contact due to him not looking after our child correctly (not changing her, feeding her properly etc). Contact was never regular, he very rarely collected her, and his partner would due to him either being too busy or elsewhere. He wouldn’t spend quality time with our child and showed no interest in her he would happily leave her with his partner and her family which is not right at all as it is responsibility to care for her. For over two years he has done nothing but argue with me and make constant threats and demands to still try and control me even though we are no longer together.
Now I’ve received this I don’t know what to do. Every solicitor I’ve spoken to wants a lot of money I don’t have and I’ve been told I can’t get legal aid even though I’m on benefits due to there being not domestic violence (there was one issue but he wasn’t charged and there is no proof of if).
I don’t want him being alone with my child as I don’t think he would cope. He has another child who is a year younger than mine with his new partner and she is the main care giver. My daughter doesn’t know him due to non consistent contact and him not being around, she’s never called him dad (he moved out a week before she was born because he couldn’t cope and hated paying bills). He knows nothing about her.
Her nursery expressed concern whenever she had been with him because for example she would see him on a Sunday and then at nursery on a Monday she would display signs of emotional difficulty and stress, she would be unhappy and uncooperative. I also experienced this too at home and it would take a day or two for her to settle again and be relaxed. She came home smelly, dirty, full nappy unchanged all day, she would complain of being hungry and stuff her help full before bed, and she would be drinking more than a fish too!
I also have concerns about my ex partner’s friend who is lives with, my ex use to tell everyone how odd he was and how he tried to engage in sexual activity with his own sister. He also said he found strange pornographic searches on his computer and always told me never to have our child alone with him. I don’t want my daughter round him at all; he is a very odd and strange person with a lot of issues, depression among other things.
I know he will not be allowed to have my daughter over night because he live in a tiny two bed flat and there are 3 adults and a child there, it’s so small and there is no room for my child to play or sleep.

I have no idea where I stand or what I am doing at all. Any help would be amazing

Rumblingtummy Fri 24-Mar-17 16:28:47

Hi, I stumbled across this looking for advice of my own but couldn't read and run. If I were you I would phone CAFCASS. I don't know where you are in the uk, but where I live, there is a pilot scheme for a telephone advice line for parents. The are runnng three of these pilots. Have a look,on their website. Also try telephoning corams children's legal services or rights of women, Google them. They have free helplines. They are difficult to get through to, but out of around 70 attempts, one was successful!
Hth x

RedHelenB Sun 26-Mar-17 12:04:23

If he has another child that he lives with and there are no issues regarding that child I can see no reason why he wouldn't get court ordered contact. You don't get to dictate whether he or his partner picks your child up .and how much care they give.

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