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Cms - P60

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LorelaiGilmorethesecond Sat 18-Mar-17 10:53:23

Can you request that the Cms request ex partners P60?

We have recently swapped over to CMS from CSA.
My ex didn't update his income for over 22 months with CSA.
Would they have requested it?
Also ex won't have obviously provided his newest P60 as it's due next month.
Can I request that they request it?

The amount he is paying doesn't add up to the lifestyle he has.

Thank you

kittybiscuits Sun 19-Mar-17 13:05:36

CMS check income every 12 months when they recalculate. They automatically check with inland revenue with my ex but he is a liar and has a second, self-employed job, so I'm not sure if this is standard. There are a couple of mumsnetters who work for CMS so may be able to advise.

LorelaiGilmorethesecond Mon 20-Mar-17 04:27:30

Thank you for your reply, I hope that's true!

LorelaiGilmorethesecond Mon 20-Mar-17 04:27:44

Sorry about your ex

kittybiscuits Mon 20-Mar-17 13:11:55

No problem smile - hopefully it will work much better for you and you will find out the facts. As my children are older, they could also look at the calculations and understand that ex was absolutely not living in poverty - very far from it - as he had persuaded them that he was paying me most of his income (10%, in the first year). Will you update when you know more? Fingers crossed.

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