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Just had an e mail from our Solicitor

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bananaskin123 Thu 16-Mar-17 17:46:01

He's dealing with my mum's Will. She passed away last August. My DB and I are Trustees. Unfortunately we are N C now and the sec was asking for his e mail address and his phone is switched off. I replied I did not know it but I know they have recently moved. I found their daughter's e mail address in my book and passed it on.

The solicitor wants both my brother and I to receive the e mail so will not send it over until he makes contact. The secretary says it contains a draft inheritance tax return and accompanying schedules. Just wondered if he just wants us to look and agree. He seems to suddenly have put a bit of a rush on cos its gone on for over six months. I get quite anxious about legal things and just wondered if anybody reading could reassure me of what this will consist of and what maybe the next steps.

Sorry just panicking a bit!

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