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How much will a finding of fact cost?

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freemanbatch Thu 16-Mar-17 09:47:05

I'm just wondering if anyone can give me any indication of how much a finding of fact will cost, using solicitors for representation?

My ex took me to court for access to the kids 3 years ago after I'd been 'advised' not to allow contact by a multiagency child protection meeting. None of the process made any sense, I wasn't allowed any statements or anything and the court reports denied the existence of the CPS evidence file, the kids school records, the multiagency child protection records and the kids health records and recommended extensive unsupervised contact. This went ahead and I have never broken the order, the kids have gone even if they've had to be physically forced into his car.

The kids have said many worrying things in that time, school have made multiple referrals because they remain significantly concerned about the kids. The organisation who did the court reports was found to be inadequate in all areas only weeks after their reports had been the only basis of the court order!

So, a few months ago I asked the father for his agreement to me moving area, I proposed continuation of contact in line with the order with increased holidays to compensate for lost midweek tea. A multiagency professionals meeting asked him to agree to it and he said he would consider it however a few weeks later I received court papers for prohibitive steps and residency.

At the first hearing I said I wouldn't leave, the reason for leaving was entirely financial and there had been a sudden and significant change in my finances so I didn't need to move, and the judge 'suggested' he withdraw the whole application as contact was ongoing but he said no, he still wanted to apply for residency.

So I've just had a call to say that Cafcass are going to recommend a fact find on all issues on the grounds of the possible inadequacy of the last reports, given the writers, and the referrals since the order.

I have legal aid but he does not and I was wondering if anyone had any idea what this process might cost him? We are currently still married (not for want of trying on my part) and I'm a bit concerned that I could end up paying his fees in a round about way despite my legal aid.

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