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Bought a house if we die will it go to ny daughter

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user1486499646 Sat 11-Mar-17 19:59:39

Hi i have a 2 year old DD. We are buying a house on the way to the morgage person we had a crash on the motorway if dp diddnt swerve we would of been dead or if a car was in the middle lane we would be dead. Im wondering if we die what haplens to our dd we now and have told pils we want them to be her gurdians but do we have to put this in writing?? I couldnt have her going into care even if it was just for one day. Also what would happen to our house it would get sold but were would the money go i want it to be left to my dd for when she is 18 how do i do this is it a will or what???

Collaborate Sat 11-Mar-17 20:01:58

This is why you have to make a will.

MrsBertBibby Sat 11-Mar-17 20:02:01

Yes, you need to make a will, as does your partner.

Are you married? Is he the dad?

CotswoldStrife Sat 11-Mar-17 20:02:18

A will would probably be the way to go, are you married?

thesandwich Sat 11-Mar-17 20:02:55

Do get yourself wills sorted out and guardianship for your dd.
Marlowe wills is run by a mumsnetter and has excellent reviews.

pileoflaundry Sat 11-Mar-17 20:11:40

You need a will, regardless of whether you are married. This will state who you want your things to go to after death.
You can include a note for guardianship of your DD, but it is not legally binding. Your DP should have a similar note with his will, stipulating the same guardians. Such notes will be taken into consideration if the worst happened and you were both to die.
Your new house needs to be bought as 'tenants in common', and not 'joint tenants'. If it is bought 'joint tenants', then if one of you dies, their half of the house will go automatically to the other person, and there is very little if anything that either of you will be able to do about it later without the express agreement of the other person. If it's 'tenants in common', you can will your half to whoever you like (your DP, your DD, anyone else).
The solicitor who writes the will can put things into a trust for your DD until she turns 18. Although my solicitor advised 25 or even 30 as the age; at 18 a fair number of teenagers would just blow the money.
Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer, the above is just from experience and advice from solicitors.

user1486499646 Sat 11-Mar-17 21:12:41

Will book in with the solicitors and were not married yet but he is the father

HarrietVane99 Sat 11-Mar-17 21:19:31

Your mortgage company will probably require you to get life insurance, but if they don't, you should get some anyway. If anything happens to you, the insurance would pay off your mortgage and perhaps also provide a lump sum of money for your dd, or to help your pils with the cost of bringing her up. You really need to get some financial advice as well as making wills.

AgainPlease Sun 12-Mar-17 13:25:51

How old are you? Seriously, this stuff should have been sorted when you were pregnant; wills, life insurance, guardians etc 🤦🏼‍♀️

user1486499646 Sun 12-Mar-17 18:27:00

Im 21 and seriously not everyone has sorted this only just bought my house and i always thought my dd would automatically. Go to her gps

AstrantiaMajor Sun 12-Mar-17 19:00:03

You could've Give Marlow Wills a ring. They have just done ours by telephone. Very good service and reasonable price. They have a high regard among Mnetters

RandomMess Sun 12-Mar-17 19:05:51

Another one recommending Marlow Wills, you need an executor as well as guardians.

JoJoSM2 Sun 12-Mar-17 19:09:39

Sorry to hear about the experience. Getting a will will do the job. If anything were to happen to you, the money could go into a trust - someone would manage it and your daughter would get it when she has reached the age that you specify.

highinthesky Sun 12-Mar-17 19:11:46

This is a wake-up call, so count your lucky stars. Get life insurance, LPAs, mirror wills and letters of intent sorted now.

MyCatHasStaff Sun 12-Mar-17 19:12:06

As a general rule, without a will, your estate goes 'sideways' to brothers and sisters, not offspring, and your DD would go to fathers parents.

UsedToBeAPaxmanFan Sun 12-Mar-17 19:14:52

When you makd a will, think about how the guardians for your dd will support her if they ever have to step in should the worst happen. When we made our will we nominated my parents as guardians but stipulated that our house should be sold and some of that money should be used to fund the dc whilst they were growing up. The dc would then get whatever was left over when they turn 21. That way my parents would have enough money to make sure the dc could go on school trips, have laptops etc.

MrsBertBibby Sun 12-Mar-17 20:11:57

OP, you really need advice about getting a home together, especially if you are putting in unequal amounts. Someone needs to talk to you about what happens if you split.

And MyCat is talking nonsense.

Northernlurker Sun 12-Mar-17 20:23:12

That's nonsense mycat. The child would be first in line for inheritance and would end up with whichever family member appeared most willing and able to look after her, who might not be who the op would want.

user1486499646 Sun 12-Mar-17 20:23:29

Okay guys ill have to book in with a finacial advisor we have an appointment with solicitors to start the paperwork ect.. Should i raise my quiestions with then would they help me with this

LovingLola Sun 12-Mar-17 20:27:54

Yes they should. Both you and your dp should discuss first though who you would like to have guardianship of your dd in the event that both of you died. You then need to discuss that with those people to be sure that they would want to do that.

MyCatHasStaff Sun 12-Mar-17 20:32:07

That's what I was told when we made our wills. I definitely didn't want siblings to inherit (NC)...although maybe that was if we all died, including DC. They did say DC to fathers parents though.

MyCatHasStaff Sun 12-Mar-17 20:32:52

Without a will, that is.

user1486499646 Sun 12-Mar-17 20:33:32

Can i ask if we would of died. What would of happened to my daughter...

OpalFruitsMarathonsandSpira Sun 12-Mar-17 20:34:53

user1486499646 you are unlikely to die at 21. You've got this, make a will, listen to the advice etc etc. No face palms here, well done for working this out.

franke Sun 12-Mar-17 20:36:55

You also need to figure out how you would manage if your dp died. At the moment, ince you're not married, you're not next of kin.

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