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Residency of dc's

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swizzlestar Thu 09-Mar-17 18:28:22

It's looking increasingly likely that marriage is about to breakdown, and I'm wondering if I've put my chances of residency of the dc's at risk by doing the right thing....

He had a serious accident 14 months ago that meant he was unable to work for months, and required a career change. So I started working full time. 14 months on, he does occasional work around the dc's while I work full time. He's just been diagnosed with menieres disease, which means that completely out of the blue his balance goes and he's unable to leave bed.

But, is my full time working going to go against me? I can definitely cut down to do school pickups a couple of times a week. We've used a childminder since they were both tiny until about 8 months ago, and they could go back to her.

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