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Tree roots and drains

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PurpleToeNails Wed 22-Feb-17 19:52:30

Quick question re living in an upper flat of a divided house. Drains have been blocked and downstairs neighbour has said tree roots have damaged the drain between house and main sewer. Very tall, old trees are very clearly in the downstairs' garden which makes me reluctant to offer any contribution towards drain replacement if trees are not being removed (building is 100+ years old).
Any guidance would be appreciated.

AgentProvocateur Wed 22-Feb-17 19:58:26

We had this, although it's detached house so no neighbour issues. It's less about the trees that are currently there and more about the fact that the pipes are clay. If you replace them with metal or plastic (or whatever pipes are made of nowadays!) it should be ok.

We had pipes cover on our buildings insurance and dynorod sent in a cutter that got rid of the blockage.

PurpleToeNails Thu 23-Feb-17 04:19:07

Thanks - I hadn't thought about the days difference the different pipe materials would make.

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