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Birth father contesting adoption-legal advice needed pls

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Babygirl55 Wed 22-Feb-17 13:58:46

Hi everyone,

I have also posted on the adoption topics but thought i would post here as well. I am hoping for some legal advice.

My husband is adopting my daughter. She is 12 years old. Her birth father left when she was 4 and has never had any contact with her or me ever since. I have been married to my husband for 6 years so he has raised my daughter with me. He is the only dad she knows and it is her wish to be adopted.

Over the years we have kept relationship with her grandad (father of my ex husband) and he also supports the adoption. My ex husband also agreed for my daughter to change her surname so she is now with my husband's name.

We started the adoption almost 2 years ago and our social worker is lovely. She supports the adoption and will recommend that adoption order is made. After many failed attempts she has finally managed to speak my ex husband and he is going to contest! After 8 years of absolutely no contact and financial support I wonder what his motives are but that would be for him to explain in court.

I have become so worried about it now. My daughter even wants to go to court to speak with judge herself as she is very upset by the whole thing.

From anyone here who has experience with this....would the judge listen to him or my daughter's wishes. I read that they consider what's best for the child but does that include her wishes? Should we go to court as well or the report from social worker and cafcass guardian will be enough?

Any advice would be very much appreciated


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