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Illegally evicted?

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TabascoToastie Sun 19-Feb-17 19:20:29

Name changed.

I lived in the same (privately) rented flat for ten years. I am also severely disabled. Model tenant. Landlady was elderly and lived far away and barely bothered with the place; two inspections in ten years. We had an unwritten agreement that I would buy it whenever she decided to sell.

Two years ago, boiler broke. No heating or hot water for 5 months in middle of winter, wound up in hospital with pneumonia. Called lettings office, they refused to help. Sample quote, "Well, we can't exactly force her to fix it!"

Last year a hole in the roof that had been growing for years got worse, to the point mould was spreading all over ceiling and you could feel cold air underneath. Then bath/shower tap broke. I complained and complained, nothing done, finally lodged official complaint with environmental health.

Environmental health did an inspection, ripped them a new one, especially as there were no smoke alarms and broken fire doors.

Received a Section 21 eviction notice a few days later giving me 30 days to get out. Told them I'd be fighting the eviction as illegal and that they'd need to take me to court. Came home from work a few weeks ago to find they'd broken in and changed the locks.

I am fortunate that I am financially well-off and was able to afford new housing, so between the poor state of the flat, stress from constant fighting with LL, and some personal problems, I chose to move into somewhere new asap.

Do I have any legal options, or does the fact I chose not to fight to remain in the property mean I'm out of luck? I am out thousands of pounds, plus suffered significant stress. And they did break the law. It's a major lettings company, so I really want to do something, but not sure where to begin.

Collaborate Mon 20-Feb-17 07:26:57

AFAIK you should be entitled to significant compensation, but you need to take her to court for that. Contact a specialist housing solicitor and get the ball rolling.

TabascoToastie Mon 20-Feb-17 08:10:06

Thank you, but what do I actually do? Write a complaint letter to someone? Contact Cab? I don't think I could afford a lawyer unless it's one of those no win no fee ones, and I have no idea how to go about finding a lawyer.

I have intellectual as well as physical disabilities - I'm fine to live alone but I'm not able to work and I struggle a bit with reading and writing.

specialsubject Mon 20-Feb-17 09:47:20

Illegal eviction on at least these grounds-

Changing locks
Too short notice (section 21 is two months)

Possibly not on the revenge eviction as not for all tenancies yet. No matter, plenty of laws broken. Glad you are out of this dump,but leaving does not weaken your case.

You could google for specialist lawyers but they will cost. Perhaps try citizens advice first, plus your mp if you have one that actually does anything. Also, if the agent is a member of any of the industry bodies you could also try them.

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