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need urgent advice

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cuddly61 Thu 16-Feb-17 23:42:44

i'm very distressed.i'll explain i have vile neighbours ,worse i live in a semi and they are next door. i won't go into detail but there is a ongoing court case for criminal damage against him for damaging my property. but even during police and court proceedings he has carried on with his harrsment but making sure my cctv didnt capture any of it.
then we found out it was them who made a malicous report about us saying we was commiting benefit fraud,ok the dwp said it was annoymous but was very helpful as they realised it was malicous and kindly told me what had been reported so knowing what information had been given it could had only been them.
but then i noticed they seemed to be standing at their front door when i went out. i just put it down as a coincidence. but then we had a relative come and stay and she remarked on how everytime we went out one of them was stood at their front door she said it wasn't just a coindence.
yesterday i came home in my car and noticed first the wife stood there at their door staring at me she couldnt had made it more obvious if she tried. then she went in and her husband came out doing the same thing. it was dark so after they went in i went in my house.
anyway after speaking to victim support and they agreed as there was a court case against them staring if a form of intimidation of a witness and are ringing me back tomorrow. i decided to alter the position of my camera earlier just a bit to show their front door as well so i could get evidence if they did it again. my camera use to be in that position showing their door as well and when he damaged my property the police was fine with its position after he complained.
so this is where i need advice, early tonight my dogs was barking at my front door i was busy but decided later to check my cctv to see what they had been barking out i was thinking maybe a cat was outside my front door. i was utterly disgusted by what i saw. first he comes out facing and staring my way then his wife pokes her head round the door and goes back in. then he looks at my cctv and does the wanker obscene gesture at my cctv then even more disgusting lowers his hand to his groin area and does the same obscene gesture.
now i got some advice earlier telling me to ring the police as this is a lwed act in a public place something about section 5.

babybarrister Fri 17-Feb-17 09:26:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

peggyundercrackers Fri 17-Feb-17 11:10:46

as baby said contact police and show them video, tell them of the upcoming court appearance.

cuddly61 Fri 17-Feb-17 18:22:00

i tried ringing 101 today but strangley it would not contact to even get the ringing tone so probably problems with their line. i emailed the policeman who was dealing with the build up to it going to court .
spoke to victim support again today and someone ringing me next week.
today a chap was coming to give me a quote for a front porch i said to my partner that i bet when he arrived one of those neighbours would come outside. sure enough not long after he arrived and i was stood outside with him the wife next door came outside her front door in her dressing gown and just stood there smoking. my partner hadnt seen what he did on the cctv so i played it back today for her to see then she saw him doing it. what makes this worse we are a gay couple and i also feel all this harrasement is because we are gay although they have been careful not to mention us being gay in their insults.but have made comments on their facebook to us not working and on benefits ,nasty comments . we was on benefits due to us both having mental illness so you can imagine all this is affecting our mental health. i know they have talked about us behind our backs about our sexuality because when we first moved in about 14 years ago their eldest was only about 6 and two younger ones. imagine my shock when one of them was in their garden and asked "do you use a strap on" we spoke to their parents who made the excuse their children had asked how two women had sex and they always tell them the truth. i knew that was rubbish a 6 year old would not even know what sex was let alone ask a question like that,it was obvious they had heard their parents being crude about us and not understanding they just asked us . the victim support are in contact with the police and asbo officer so they will be informing them and how much effect this is having on me.

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