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Dry cleaning wedding dress issue. What are my rights?

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calicocat88 Tue 14-Feb-17 09:44:28

I got married last summer and took my dress to a dry cleaner in September. I was charged £150 (which I have since been told is on the pricey side for this service). I have also very very stupidly not kept track of this original receipt..

Prior to them taking it in for cleaning, thye took down details of the dress condition. There was a very tiny hole around one threads which holds the layers of the dress together.

Anyway, a few weeks later I picked it up and took it home. I checked it over and found that there were two more small holes (fabric had pushed into them, I assume from the way it was dry cleaned/ hung whilst there). Anyway, I can live with these tiny ones. However, what had been a small hole when I dropped it off is now a tear a couple of inches long!

I took it back and they said they would send it away for mending for free (rightly so!). However it has been months now. I have checked up on this frequently and was told that it would be done by early December at the latest...

Two weeks ago I go back and ask a different member of staff (not the manager who I had been dealing with previously) and she pulls out the dress. I checked if it has been mended discover that it hasn't. But I was told that it was sent away for mending, so by being back there can I assume that it was never sent away? Have I been lied to? Can I just go and ask for a refund on the dry cleaning and take the dress, rip and all as I am getting bloody fed up?

Help!!!! What are my rights if they refuse the refund?

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