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Cafcass meetings

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Kirstynew15 Mon 13-Feb-17 13:44:59

Hiya so I'm attending court for my dd ds for dad to have access long story but after a few incidents the children decided not to see their father..
we had a cafcass meeting two weeks ago where the children stated they would only see their dad if he stopped drinking.. I told my cafcass officer as he hadn't made the effort to contact our children I wasn't happy for contact to be reinstated in march that he needed to start showing some consistency and build it up.considering he hasn't seen them for a year now and hardly made any contact my ds has a few issues at the moment and can't deal with change he needs transitioning.
. we did discuss what the plan would be if contact was reinstated ie contact centre etc but at the time as their father hadn't handed in relevant information in regards to his alcohol intake it was deemed a risk.. This week I hear through members of his family that he has been told by the cafcass officer that contact will be reinstated in March when we attend court but haven't been informed of anything myself!! Am I right to want to question this with the cafcass officer? Surely as this is also a case involving me and my children I should be told this as well as him and not wait for a report? I've had to hear this from a third party who shouldn't be knowing my business before I do!! What would you do in this situation

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