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Can someone help me understand our house title register and plan please?

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LemonRedwood Wed 08-Feb-17 22:07:53

Bought house last year. There's a bit in the property register section (first photo) that my brain can make very little sense of! Can someone translate that into plain English for me please?

Also, was wondering who was responsible for the boundaries as one side is extremely dilapidated fence and I'd quite like to replace it. Can't find anything referring to whose boundaries they are on either side in any of the paperwork from the purchase, or in the title register. Does the fact that the red line is inside the black lines mean the boundaries are our neighbours' responsibilities? The fence that is along the long boundary at the bottom of the plan is the one I want to update - not sure our neighbours would care too much as it's hidden from their view behind all their leylandii trees and we're situated alongside the bottom part of their garden, but would want to ask first if it's officially their boundary.

Thank you in advance for helping this bear of very little brain!

Collaborate Wed 08-Feb-17 23:00:38

The right to light clause simply prevents the buyer of that land objecting to the seller developing their adjacent land by claiming they have acquired a right to light.

The red line simply identifies your boundary, not who owns it. The existing fence might be jointly owned, or it might belong to you or to your neighbour. Speak to them and see if you can agree that you won it. You can replace it if it's yours or jointly owned. If it's theirs you can build your own fence just inside the existing one.

Newtssuitcase Wed 08-Feb-17 23:02:31

collaborate is completely correct.

LemonRedwood Wed 08-Feb-17 23:16:49

Thank you both.

So, we have not acquired any sort of right to light when we purchased, I think I get that. Our vendor is not the vendor named in this part of the register and neither they nor the named vendor in this section own any adjacent or adjoining land any more. Does this mean the statement on the register is now moot?

EyeStye Thu 09-Feb-17 07:30:30

The vendor refers to the 1973 vendor which will have been a developer owning a large piece of land out of which your land was portioned off. Their rights may be passed on. What is it you are hoping to achieve from this?

If you ask the land registry or your conveyancing sol for a copy of the 19th December 1973 transfer and plan, that's where you will probably find out which boundaries are yours.

*disclaimer my conveyancing days are long past

LemonRedwood Thu 09-Feb-17 15:20:33

Thank you, useful information from all.

Not sure what we're ultimately hoping to achieve at the moment. We were looking over the deeds to try to ascertain boundary responsibility as the fence needs replacing and neither of us had a clue what this paragraph meant (probably would have been wise to ask at the time of purchase I guess smile). Also thinking of an extension at some point in the future (can't afford it yet) and didn't know if this would affect that in any way.

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