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Letting agents issue

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Happybee09 Mon 06-Feb-17 11:29:01

I live in a rented property that is managed by a letting agent.
The building has lots of cctv that appears to be monitored for a lot of the time.
A few days ago the police called at my property for my boyfriend, who doesn't live here but does stay here sometimes - he does have his own place. They had a warrant and searched the property and his bag of clothes that were here.
Police called again this morning (plain clothes, unmarked car) to check if his brother was here as they are looking for him too.
Now the letting agents have just rang me to ask about why the police were here, told them as above, and to inform me that the 'management of the building' are considering taking action, they want to do an inspection which is not an issue at all but I'm a bit worried about what kind of action they are going to take and if they are even allowed to do this?
The way I was told this has made me feel a bit intimidated and that I am being constantly monitored and worried for the roof over mine and my dcs head.
I told them that I feel like I'm being penalised for somebody else's mistake.

Happybee09 Mon 06-Feb-17 11:30:46

Are the cctv people allowed to monitor the buzzer entry system too? There is no other way they would've known that the officers who called this morning are police as they were in plain clothes and in an unmarked car confused

ComtesseDeSpair Mon 06-Feb-17 11:50:13

There will almost certainly be a clause within your tenancy agreement which states that you must not behave in a way, or allow your guests to behave in a way, which constitutes illegal activity or nuisance. If your boyfriend and his brother are suspected of criminal activity and it appears that you may be allowing them to use your home in connection with that then ultimately, provided there is evidence and / or a police investigation, your landlord could terminate your tenancy as a result. That can't happen at this stage or without sufficient investigation and evidence, though.

At this stage, the management's 'action' may be that they seek to exclude your boyfriend and his brother from having access to the building by asking you not to let them in. If you refuse, they can't enforce it without an injunction - but if you're in private rented accommodation and they perceive you as being a hassle, it's likely they'll just decline to renew your tenancy agreement when it expires and you'll have to move. If you have any reason to suspect the police are justified in searching for your boyfriend and his brother, I'd agree to the former.

You have DC and they should be your priority. Don't allow yourself to be mixed up in whatever this boyfriend and his family are involved in. Your DC deserve to live in safety, rather than never knowing when the police are going to come a-knocking looking for your boyfriend.

ComtesseDeSpair Mon 06-Feb-17 12:03:33

With regard to the door entry system, it seems more likely that the police have notified the management that they are investigating whether or not a flat in the block is connected with whatever it is they were looking for your boyfriend for. Management could monitor the intercom in general, though it seems unlikely they'd do so habitually other than as spot checks.

Happybee09 Mon 06-Feb-17 13:37:38

Thank you, the property hasn't been used for criminal activity in any way shape or form as I wouldn't have it with my dc living here, his neighbour for his own property have said the police have been there but obviously he has stayed here and quite a lot the past few weeks as his place is being redecorated and his neighbours know where I live so could have easily mentioned that he sometime stays here when not st home.
The letting agents want to come and do an inspection so will have that and then hopefully there won't be any more problems

specialsubject Mon 06-Feb-17 14:55:38

The police must have some strong evidence to get a warrant, so presumably there is a real issue.

Your neighbours may not be keen on a dealer next door, and will get in touch with your landlord. If you want to stay in this place long term I strongly suggest you keep boyfriend and brother away.

You may say nothing is going on but dealers attract violence.

Happybee09 Mon 06-Feb-17 19:23:53

Yes strong evidence that he's been staying here because he has which I haven't denied and I have no issue with the police looking for his belongings here.
I also didn't mention what exactly he's been arrested for so bit of an assumption to assume he's a dealer hmm and considering the people i have met so far in the building I don't think many of them would be too bothered about a dealer
I also didn't say that I planned on keeping boyfriend or brother around was just asking where I stand in with my tenancy

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