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Separation and stepchild custody help

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Joannepink Tue 31-Jan-17 11:31:13

I'm really hope someone can offer some advice, I'm asking for a friend after she broke down and told me a few things I was unaware of. She feels trapped and can't see a way out and neither can I but I just know something has to change.
She has brought up her partners child since they were a baby, biological mum is known to social services and only has supervised visits. They have 3 further children.
I've known for sometime she was unhappy but felt she couldn't leave due to custody of her stepchild, but she's now told me how bad things are. He works full time but keeps all the money, she gets some benefits, disability living allowance, carers allowance, child benefit (aperture from the stepchild a which is paid into dads account). From which she pays everything, rent, food, childcare, clothing etc. Obviously this is a huge struggle.
She desperately wants him to leave but she doesn't want to loose her stepchild as she considers herself to be her mum, child calls her mum, she cares for her as she does the other kids etc
They aren't married and her partner and ex have perental responsibility.
I've horrified by this and desperately want to help, is there anyone who can offer any advice please sad

prh47bridge Tue 31-Jan-17 14:09:05

She needs proper legal advice. However, if the child has lived with her and her partner for 3 years she can apply for a Child Arrangements Order granting her residence or contact.

EnormousTiger Tue 31-Jan-17 18:35:32

How old is the step child? The older she is the more likely she may get a say in this although may be not as she's a step child not a biological child.

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