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Neighbours building a shelter with electric in their raised yard

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HappyVampire3 Fri 27-Jan-17 18:10:11

We've just moved to a new house in November and our neighbours are building a hideous-looking 'thing' in the raised yard next door.

It needs background info (sorry) so here we go:
House 1 - our terraced house
House 2 - two flats in a terraced house, bottom one lived in by neighbour we don't get on with, top one recently let to unknown persons
House 3 - next terraced house along, recently let to unknown persons (but seem to know the people in House 2).

The new people in House 3 are building a shelter-like 'thing' (will explain the 'thing' below) in the raised garden of House 2, and running electric out of the window of the upper flat in House 2. The wall separating the houses is just rubble so they can easily walk through. The yard is raised to the same level as our garden wall so they are building it at the same height as the top of our high wall. It looks directly into our yard and galley kitchen window.

The 'thing' has the roof of a dirty gazebo, the walls made from white plastic and chipboard, it's got rugs, a fridge, some chairs and tables and electric in the form of an extension cable coming out of a window and danging through mid-air and providing electric to the fridge and a bare light bulb. It's awful, ugly, and they watch me through the kitchen window when I'm washing up (!!).

Ours was a do-up and sell house, so we want to move on in the next year or so and nobody would buy our house with the 'thing' bearing down on the garden.

What can we do? No planning permission was given because we never got a notice. We are beyond annoyed.

Any advice welcomed.

PinkSwimGoggles Fri 27-Jan-17 18:16:28

planning application notice might only be online (they do it like this in my borough), so have a look.
but given the shabby construction and the electric cable I don't think it went through planning.

have a look on the council website on what is permitted development or what the stance is on garden rooms/sheds. in my area garden rooms are not permissible.

wowfudge Sat 28-Jan-17 09:07:07

Get the title registers and title plans for the other two houses from the official Land Registry pages and find out who owns what for starters. It will cost you £12 for instant downloads. If the neighbours are tenants, not owners then complain to the owners. They won't want their properties to be messed around with like this.

The electricity company will not want electricity from one property to be diverted to another - it may be illegal. Plus the installation may be unsafe. Contact the planning officer at the council and provide them with details and photos.

Is anyone living in this structure? You may have an unscrupulous slum landlord for a neighbour - it's called beds in sheds and the council will be very interested in stamping it out.

Mehfruittea Sat 28-Jan-17 09:14:06

Sounds awful. Could we have pictures?! hmm <just being nosey>

RandomMess Sat 28-Jan-17 09:17:32

Find Mrs De Vere's thread her neighbours literally built a bungalow in their back garden claiming it was a home gym. Not a thing she could do about it!

If it's not built out of bricks etc it's probably a temporary garden building and there is nothing you can do.

The electricity board is probably your best bet!

specialsubject Sat 28-Jan-17 11:48:45

That shouts beds in sheds. Council ?

JaniceBattersby Sat 28-Jan-17 14:26:16

Yes, speak to the council. I'll bet it's occupied which is illegal.

HappyVampire3 Sat 28-Jan-17 19:02:37

It's doesn't seem to have anyone living in it, they just sit out there...

We're going to call the council about it.

No pics at the moment as it's dark and they're out there working on it hah.

HappyVampire3 Sat 28-Jan-17 19:02:48

Thanks for all your replies.

RamblinRosie Sun 29-Jan-17 00:07:21

Call your local council and ask to speak to the Planning Enforcement Officer, if they're anything like the ones I've worked with, they'll be on it asap (though given recent cuts they may have a backlog).

I've always found Planning Enforcement lovely!

UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea Sun 29-Jan-17 06:49:45

Sounds like a health and safety / fire hazard. I'd phone EVERYONE on Monday - landlords, council, electricity board, fire station...

Good luck!

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