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Prohibited Steps Order in place

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UrbanBuzz Thu 26-Jan-17 23:46:10

Hi everyone,
I planned on moving in with my current partner (not my child's father) who resides in London and myself and 5 year old in<rather not say location> in December '16. I told my ex 8 weeks in advance of this move.
To my surprise, when pulling up on my drive one evening, a man approached me with a PSO preventing me from moving out of the area along with a well thought out, full of lies statement from my ex.
Previous to this he was on the phone telling me when he's going to have our child, demanding this and that etc and he wants to go to mediation which i should pay for. I am and always have been our child's primary carer. I explained I couldn't afford this and could not understand what we couldn't agree on in terms of contact, which is alternating weekends, as I said nothing will change in regards to that.
I'm the one that takes our child to And from school, buys all clothes, reads & teaches him how to write, takes him to the cinema, parks, holidays etc I do everything whilst receiving zero Child Maintenance in over two years (In the process of claiming ATM) The furtherest place he takes him is to the pub! He lives at home with his mum and our child shares a bed with my ex, doesn't have a car anymore for some unknown, to me, reason.
So far, there have been two hearings at a magistrates court to which, both have not had the outcome I had hoped because he won't agree to the terms I have put on the table and wants full residency! Believe me when I say my terms are nothing more than reasonable I.e I am willing to drive the 4 hour round trip until he gets a car, can arrange a weekly/daily call with him and so on...
Cafcass are also involved and have had statements off of both of us in regards to safeguarding and will be involved further. The next hearing is a Dispute Resolution Appointment (DRA).
I'm not entitled to Legal Aid and have only being able to afford the legal fees thanks to my partner else id be representing myself, somehow.
This has cost thousands so far and is not over yet. Money which id rather have been spent on our son, he's going to be missing out. This whole situation is financially crippling me as of course ( I'm paying this money back to my partner - he says there's no rush but I don't feel right) as I resigned from my job so am forced to claim benefits now too. I just want to move on with my life and be with who I want to be with. My son gets on so well with my partner and I wouldn't dream of moving this far if I did not think it was for the better than my current situation. I live in a run down area and have no family and what I can confidently refer to as 'friends' as 2. So, overall not a great support network either, so why shouldn't I take an opportunity for a better quality of life ?
Has anyone been through something similar ? What was your outcome ? Can anyone offer any advice ? My solicitor is confident that I will be able to move but not a case of now but when. My hopes are somewhat starting to fade though. Any sort of response will be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks,

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