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False information given at car accidents

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Socksey Thu 26-Jan-17 15:25:38

I'm really annoyed and hoping that the insurance will be able to sort this out.
I am in the middle of renewing my insurance and gave all the details of previous claims etc... and then they tried to put it through and it came back with 3 incidents that were associated with me... my name at an address associated with a friend of the family who I've not seen in 5 years.... incidents were in 2014 and 2015... 3 in total and I don't have all the details yet but I live about 600miles away and have no knowledge of these things but if they aren't cleared up then it could have an impact on my insurance etc...
I'm really not sure what to do, but I'm furious. I've contacted the friend and they know nothing about them either
Any ideas?

WatchingFromTheWings Thu 26-Jan-17 15:29:01

I'd think it too much of a coincidence that the other party happens to be someone you know. Was every incident at this friends address? If so I'd say there's your answer and speak to the police. It's fraud.

Socksey Thu 26-Jan-17 15:56:10

Thanks. I was wondering.
It does seem very coincidental. 3 separate incidents with my name and that address....

SheldonsSpot Thu 26-Jan-17 15:59:24

So is this friend, or someone in the same household, roughly the same age as you?

It's no coincidence that these incidents associated with you happen to be logged at the address of someone you know. I mean, what are the chances of that?

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