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Proving Paternity

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WynterBlossom Fri 06-Jan-17 23:18:47

So whilst angry with my ex for leaving me whilst pregnant, I lied to him & told him he wasn't the father of our child.

I was angry & emotional, I wanted to hurt him like he had me (yes it was childish but I did it without thinking).

If he's kept the message that shows I told him that, would the CMS when contacting him accept it as proof he's not the father even though he 100% it states online that if he denies paternity, he has to show proof why he's not.

I'm worried they'll take that as proof even though I am happy to do a DNA test should he deny he's the father based on a stupid message!

Collaborate Sat 07-Jan-17 08:43:37

They should take your word for it. If he disputes it my understanding is that they will offer him DNA testing. He has to pay for it but gets refunded if he's not the father.

Really though, you should offer to reimburse him.

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