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Fraudulent use of my address

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namechangemyaddress123 Thu 05-Jan-17 12:27:52

Looking for some advice on what I can do.
The previous owner of our house is using our address still, I kept getting letters for him and sending back not at this address but the sheer amount made me suspicious so I now open them to inform the sender by telephone he doesn't live here.
We've had sheriff officers at the door for him with court orders, dvla letters, fines etc and the latest is a letter from thameslink railway with a notice of prosecution. He gave this address out just 6 weeks ago! He hasn't lived here for 2 years.
Should I call the police and if so what will they do?

Cherylene Thu 05-Jan-17 12:49:40

We had that with a previous owner that we had had to take to court over the move (he took loads of stuff, including the back gate). Since he had moved down the road, we gave them his new address and he soon moved again. grin.

I would keep making sure he is off every list that you can, like voter's register etc. Perhaps one of the solicitors here could suggest a document you could copy to prove he is no longer there for more persistent ones.

We did have problems setting up a credit account with Habitat for a sofa which was not a problem for us as we were going to pay it off in one go to avoid the interest anyway. We also managed to move 5 years later without a hitch.

PreemptiveSalvageEngineer Thu 05-Jan-17 22:47:32

We had this problem as well. It is a form of identity theft. We eventually got in touch with the National Fraud Investigation people and got a time reference number. This can help with future phone calls.

One communication you need to make URGENTLY (esp once you have the crime reference number) is Royal Mail. Our little fraudster asshole then went on to try to get his post redirected, simply because he had no recent address ID and wanted some to open more accounts (which he did). So get on Royal Mail's case and stay there. We even spoke in person and put in writing to Royal Mail local sorting office they we wanted to ensure the postal carrier wasn't being met outside our house, or asked to drop something off nearby in the neighbourhood (since your guy was/is living nearby, worth keeping in mind). RM will always strongly deny that they ever do such a thing, but it's worth covering your back and reiterating their duties.

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