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executors solicitor omitting mention of minor beneficiary for probate ,my solicitor not bothered

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gingeroots Sun 01-Jan-17 16:06:34

Forms for resealing probate have been incorrectly completed saying that no minor beneficiaries exist .

This repeats the "error" in the application for UK probate .

UK estate with land abroad . Much difficulty with executor and UK estate -

Application for UK probate declared no land abroad and no minor beneficiaries .Executor's son is a minor beneficiary .

Draft papers for resealing probate said no minor . When this pointed out executors solicitor says "whoops" an error ,we will ammend application .
Then say application will be submitted as is ,without ammendment .

Then we receive copy of order resealing probate with accompanying copy of badly photocopied will which is reproduced in such a way that the name of the minor is no longer visible .

The solicitor I have engaged in the country concerned says in answer to my query about not ammending the application for resealing probate that it "is neither here nor there " as it does not affect total value of estate or the share of other beneficiaries .

Is my solicitor acting correctly in ignoring this dishonesty ? Is it really the case that as long as it doesn't affect her client ( it will ,because it's bound to be discovered when the family talk to eachother ) it doesn't matter ? Is it ok for solicitors to collude in misrepresentation like this ?

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