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Abusive ex housed by council round the corner - anything I can do?

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BrightRedSpinner Fri 30-Dec-16 20:16:52

Regular but NC to try to evade cyber stalking ex.

As title says in a nutshell my abusive ex partner was made homeless officially when they granted an occupation order excluding him from my place, and the council have housed him around the corner.

He is subject to court undertakings forbidding any contact with me. Don't know if it's relevant but I did have a non-mol which I agreed to swap for the undertakings in return for him not contesting the occupation order thus avoiding a costly court case.

He has not had contact with kids since split due to ss involvement. They are carrying out a s47 investigation and have not yet published findings, but they have said he must not have unsupervised contact with DC.

So my concern is running into him with the DC when he is not having contact with them - it would be very distressing and unhelpful for them.

He has not harassed me since bail condition were dropped (assault charge against me failed due to lack of evidence, assault charge against someone else at same time was successful and he was convicted)

Is there anything I can do about where he is - could I call the council and complain to them about housing my abuser so close to me? My council are apparently making tackling domestic abuse a priority hmm

I have a solicitor be will ask them in the NY but just wondering if anyone can advise in the meantime. Don't wanna chuck money away asking sol if the answer will just be no.

BrightRedSpinner Sat 31-Dec-16 10:48:15

Hopeful bump

Bumping as well. Hope your hols are as serene as possible, under the circs.

BrightRedSpinner Sun 01-Jan-17 19:08:04

Thanks pre
Sending you some infinite light wink

RedHelenB Sat 07-Jan-17 18:52:20

He needs to live somewhere and presumably that was the place they had available. What about putting in for a transfer for yourself?

BrightRedSpinner Sat 07-Jan-17 19:02:10

Thanks redhelen I own my place so it's not that simple, and have 3 DC in the local school and settled here. He was staying with his family and could easily have waited for another place. But he is controlling and deeply selfish, aside from being violent and lacking in any respect for anyone other than himself and his own needs.

Anyway, why the hell should I move (I may be forced to anyway) when he is the abuser?

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