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Malicious falsehood?

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WomanScorned Fri 23-Dec-16 04:43:31

I think I need to do something about my ex-sils.

I've been subjected to what I can only describe as a 'hate campaign' for about 7 years, now. I'm used to it, and try my best to ignore them.

However, I simply can't ignore the Police and/or Social Services on my doorstep! Their latest 'thing' is 'reporting' me to my son's school, SS, the NSPCC, the DWP and, now, the police.

The lies are along the lines of my supposed drug/alcohol use, me co-habiting whilst receiving HB, 'dodgy' visitors, having an eating disorder (I have lost weight, but due to the bloody stress!), 'abandoning' my son (ie, not being home when they dropped him off 2 hours earlier than agreed, not letting his dad see him (not true at all) and just general neglect.

I've volunteered/submitted to random drug testing and breath tests, all of which were negative. I've had a SS case opened, and closed/dismissed as malicious reports and I've taken my 6yo DS to the GP for a check up, at which he was declared perfectly fit and healthy.

I know, and anyone that matters knows, that this stuff is simply not true, but 'mud sticks' and I'm becoming increasingly anxious, eg, on the school run, as I don't know who believes what stuff about me. More importantly, I am really concerned that the rumours will affect my son's social life. I can't bear the thought of him being left out of play dates and parties, because of what other parents, who don't know me well, might think of us.

I can't afford a solicitor (I'm still recovering from the completely unnecessary 18 month court case he/they dragged me through - withdrawing the application at the final hearing, proving that it was never actually about contact, but just another way of intimidating me).

Women's Aid consider it to be Domestic Abuse, even though it is his family, more than him, making the calls/posting 'memes' (I think they're called) which are clearly aimed at me, turning up en masse in the playground, sniggering like mean schoolgirls etc, etc.

Can anyone suggest an appropriate draft letter?
Or, if anyone has had to do similar, did it do any good?

TIA for any advice.

MaitlandGirl Fri 23-Dec-16 05:08:19

That sounds horrendous - I've no idea about how to draft a letter but have you considered approaching the police with an official complaint of harassment against your ex-sils?

WomanScorned Fri 23-Dec-16 05:46:33

Thanks for replying.
I have spoken to the police, during the visits. They're sympathetic, but say it's a civil matter.

Namechangeemergency Fri 23-Dec-16 06:12:37

Harassment order or a non molestation order?

I looked into the non mol recently and you can do it yourself. I am not sure of the costs though.

Sorry to hear that you are dealing with this flowers

MrsBertBibby Fri 23-Dec-16 07:26:38

You could seek a non molestation order against them, but it is problematic getting an order effectively stopping someone from reporting stuff to the authorities, for obvious reasons.

Do they actually have an order allowing them contact? Where's your ex in all this?

WomanScorned Fri 23-Dec-16 23:13:14

There's no contact order, as he dropped the case and I was awarded a Residence Order, in his absence.

However, as DS had got to know his dad, during the interim contact sessions, I agreed to keep it up. The novelty soon wore off, though, and he now phones me about once every month or two, and tells me he will have him the following day/night. It's not regular or consistent, as he was cancelling at the last minute, about 50% of the agreed every other weekends. If we have plans, ie, a schoolfriend's birthday party, he hurls abuse at me, puts the phone down on me and sulks for anything up to 6 months. He finds time to take to Facebook, though, accusing me of denying his son the right to a relationship with his paternal family, blah, blah etc. The sisters encourage it by 'liking' and commenting.

They are a very close family. They have family meetings to discuss the 'WomanScorned problem', then inform me of the outcome!

It's all so petty and unnecessary. It's just not fair on DS - or me.

MyDarlingWhatIfYouFly Fri 23-Dec-16 23:23:26

Have you/ can you screen shot or save all of the things you mentioned?

Other than that I have no advice, only to say that they sound like a nightmare flowers

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