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Being taken to court to enforce an order I have not breached !?

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Julsey2015 Thu 15-Dec-16 22:20:54

Hi I'm a mum of four beautiful children and today received court papers to enforce a contact order. My ex takes me to court every time he gets a new partner so his rules and personality changes, we are now on partner number four, currently he has alternative weekends taking the children to their activities, when he was with partner number three he took the children on odd occasions to their activities other times it was left to me and he would collect after the activities finished, so instead of 9 am he would collect later in the day his choice, now we are on partner number 4 he hasn't done one activity with the children and the children's activities have extended by half hour due to swimming lessons the children needed and wanted so he has decided to take me back to court the weekend after the lessons started. I have never refused contact, he has the children half the school holidays and alternative weekends but when partner number three came to an end he didn't have the children in the holidays as per court order but reappeared in November when partner number four appeared. He won't have contact with his two older children which makes family life very difficult, and his new partner has two small children aged 2 and 5 and his contact coincides with hers so my children have to share their daddy which makes them upset, the last contact he transported my four year old on his knee in her car because the car wasn't big enough and all six of them him and her with her 2 year old between them, my four year old with her 5 year old boy sleeping in the same bed and my seven year old, 6 in one room with their father just in a new relationship which in my opinion isn't acceptable please can any one advice me about my court hearing in January ?

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