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representation advice needed

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ddrmum Fri 25-Nov-16 14:53:05

I know this is a difficult question but I really need a recommendation for barrister or a solicitor who can represent me in an upcoming case relating to residence of my DS. Quite a long story on another thread but briefly, exH refused to return older boy 12yr and returned younger children alleging physical harm, claimed that I dug my nails into the childs hand which I didn't. Exh got interim residence based on this even though he has a history of DV. ExH refused to allow SS to see our son to check on welfare / wellbeing. No-one had spoken to my son for almost 8wks by the time cafcass finally spoke with DS and he has been brainwashed, telling them he hates me, our home, our life etc.
Despite the order in place, his dad refused to allow him to see me and stopped phone calls between the children claiming that DS didn't want to see / speak to me, felt threatened etc. The younger children aged 8 & 9 see him alternate w-ends and repeatedly state that Ds wants to come home but dad wont let him.
Cafcass report is being compiled but DD has told me that she lied to them because dad told her to!! I have informed them of this.
Any help gratefully received be it recommendations or particular Q to ask if I go via direct access. Also happy to clear up any queries if anything doesn't make sense. Thanks in advance.

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