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I'm an agency worker, have a question about temp to perm fees

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carr0t Tue 22-Nov-16 20:18:37

I work for a care agency. At the moment I have regular clients that I go back to each week but I'm not tied into working for them or my agency contractually, in that I can take time off whenever I want (I don't do this!!)and leave with only a weeks' notice. One of my clients has suggested I work for them directly rather than through the agency.

From what I can make out from, so long as this client stops employing anyone through the agency and leaves it at least 8 weeks I can then work for this client without the agency charging a temp to perm fee. But the client has signed a contract which gives a longer tie-in period and and which states the agency can force them to sign a considerable fee if the client does take me on as a private permanent employee even after 8 weeks.

Which is correct, is the 8 week break set in stone or can the agency make it longer, so make it more difficult for a hirer to take someone on permanently? I don't want to upset my agency as they've been good to me over the years and I want to carry on working for them but also feel a loyalty to the client. The client is leaving the agency whatever the case, so I know I'm not 'poaching' the client. They're both offering roughly the same pay but with different advantages.


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