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Statement of affairs of deceased

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Afternoondelights Mon 21-Nov-16 16:33:06

Hi hoping someone can help me make sense of this! My parents divorced, df remarried, been married to second wife 14 yrs. V little contact with myself and three siblings. Df died a couple of months ago, made our peace before he died. It was all very sad and then we were sent a copy of the will. He left everything to his second wife and subsequently her children, not much to leave to be fair. my siblings are now requesting a statement of affairs from his/her solicitor, I have asked for my name to be removed from the letter. They say they are hurt by not being mentioned in the will but it's not about the money. A statement of affairs is all about the money! So, my query is: is df's widow obliged to provide this information? She has been v upset by his death and is really struggling and I just think doing this is unnecessary and unfair. Tia

EnormousTiger Mon 21-Nov-16 18:15:06

They probably can ask for details but I thought a statement of affairs was something to do with insolvency.

If you are dependent (eg an adult child on benefits or being supported by a parent) then even if left out of a will you may have a claim on the estate if you make a case in court. It sounds unlikely that will apply here.

I do think it's mean of your father. If I remarried I would still want 100% of my assets to go to my children and if a new spouse could not afford to house themselves then that's just tough - they should get a job.

Afternoondelights Mon 21-Nov-16 19:12:28

Thanks for your reply tiger, myself and my siblings are all in our forties and settled with jobs, our own families and our own houses. Df's widow is in her late 60s and they lived in her house (family home was sold as part of my parents divorce).

I have Googled it and a statement of affairs does seem to be more to do with business rather than someone who has died. I just worry that it's going to start a nastiness that there's no need for. I might contact a solicitor and see if they can force her to provide one. There's no love lost between me and her but it's her first Xmas without him and she cared for him throughout his ill health so I think some respect is due.

OohhThatsMe Mon 21-Nov-16 19:13:57

Was he in England, OP?

Afternoondelights Mon 21-Nov-16 19:28:05

Ireland, sorry should've mentioned that in my first post!

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