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Divorce - difficult ex

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JZA80 Fri 18-Nov-16 14:40:18

My divorce was quick and simple to navigate as my ex was very co-operative, made arrangements between us for visits and maintenance, no property owned, however my partner's wife is being a nightmare. They have been separated for three years living 300miles apart. He left due to being unable to cope with her worsening MH issues as well as his own.

Since DP left his wife, they have had No contact except for what is described here.

Neither have any children,property or savings etc, no mutual friends even,but refuses to give her address, so we tried to serve the papers to her work address but the service rejected it as it was a work address. We tried to serve it to my ex's parents address for her before that, as she agreed as she is in contact with them still ( my partner and his parents are no longer in contact and have not been for 3 years as they are heavily religious and believe leaving his partner was wrong. ) , but they sent it back
unopened stating she had never lived there and they did not know her.

The court have now asked that I make enquiries from:

Her family : parents live abroad and will not provide information, siblings will not give info
Friends: will not give info
Employer: surely not willing to give address or info
Bank: surely not willing to give an address or info
HMRC: surely not willing to give an address or info
Landlord where they used to live : they moved out of there at the same time, she knows nothing

We've been very polite and civil to her via fb as that is our only point of contact, we are paying all the divorce fees, she was hostile to begin with and just wanted to personally attack me, after I explained I wasn't looking to hurt her feelings or do anything untoward with the address, and I had met DP a fair while after he had left her, she became willing to sign and this is when asked me to send it to his parents address for her, but she is now completely ignoring the very polite but repeated request for an address.

There's not really anything she can gain as DP hasn't got anything.

We can't afford for a solicitor to do this

How can he divorce her when he can't satisfy the court by making enquiries to bodies as they wont give that sort of information out surely?

Collaborate Fri 18-Nov-16 22:30:57

If you'er in touch on Facebook you can serve by sending the documents to her via Facebook messenger. You can serve by email in any event, but you can either apply for substituted service (prior approval) or deemed service (approval after the event).

Familylawsolicitor Tue 22-Nov-16 21:59:54

Bank or HMRC may pass on papers too her or they used to so that's the point of the court asking you to make enquiries via her bank if you know who she banks with
I doubt whether it will work but if you've tried it you can say tried it
Social media is by far the best way nowadays as collaborate says

RedHelenB Sat 26-Nov-16 16:40:59

Let your DP deal with it would be my advice. Why have the court asked you to make enquiries?

JZA80 Sat 26-Nov-16 17:06:43

Sorry that should have read "he" make enquiries.

We are both trying to sort the paperwork as he is not great with paperwork, so I am helping. I want it done so we can move on with our own arrangements so I'm happy to do what I can.

We've asked if she can be served at work again, it's the only address we can get. 99% expecting the forms to be returned again saying no.

Perhaps she's finding ways of stalling to see if he buys a house or something.

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