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Changing a contact order to force exH

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Diamonddealeroncemore Tue 01-Nov-16 12:05:05

My exH has a contact order for our DS who is 11. The order states that for his alternative weekend contact he has to stay in the area in which we live but holidays he can take him home, or whereever. ExH keeps moving house so that the CMS cannot send him demands for maintenance (he works through his own limited company so he cannot be traced through HMRC) and has never paid any maintenance. Apparently there is nothing the CMS can do to trace him, and yet he turns up here to collect DS every other weekend!

Can I go back to court to ask that he HAS to divulge his address to me? he wants DS's passport again at New Year, he keeps taking him abroad and yet if he disappeared I wouldnt know where to start looking for him. And he did once not return DS after a Christmas contact.

It makes me so mad that he is going off on these holidays and having regular contact with DS and yet not paying a penny. I dont want to stop contact as that isnt fair to DS but it makes my blood boil! I divorced him for emotional abuse and mental cruelty and he carries on with his controlling behaviour.

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