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NMC- unfit to practice...

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cheekymonk Mon 31-Oct-16 15:24:11

Hi there just wondering if anyone has any experience. My sister qualified as a nurse after working as a HCA. However she has had very poor mental health for several years due to abusive relationship and other awful circs. One of the employers made an allegation of unfit to practice to the NMC. They then also questioned whether she had indeed worked the qualifying number of hours for her entry on the register to be correct. The hours invade hs been closed but there is still huge doubt over the fitness to practice. She isn't in a Union and attended a hearing in London when she was issued with an 18 month suspension order. She doesn't want to nurse and I have been acting as her representative so far, completing reports, answering queries etc. At a recent hearing my Sis didn't attend due to her poor physical and mental health. So the suspension remains until May 2017. I have asked if she can voluntarily remove herself from the list. They say no, not until the case is closed. She really is unwell and just needs the matter drawn to a close. I understand the NMC have a duty and it is in the publics best interests for my sister not to nurse unfortunately. The NMC will just not let it go however. I'm not sure what else to do?

cheekymonk Mon 31-Oct-16 15:25:03

The case over her hours has been closed

nixinoo Mon 31-Oct-16 15:33:25

Has she been removed from the register? If she doesn't want to nurse then what's the issue with the suspension? She can't work as a nurse.

cheekymonk Mon 31-Oct-16 15:38:35

Without intending to sound stupid, I presume if she has been suspend then she has been removed from register.
It's the very serious tone of letters phone calls etc (even though I do phone calls) She feels it is hanging over her and wants to draw a line. She feels very much at NMC's mercy.

HopelesslydevotedtoGu Mon 31-Oct-16 15:43:53

I know that with the GMC a doctor can voluntarily remove themselves to avoid a case.

Can you ask the NMC to send you their policy on voluntary erasure?

Has she written to them formally stating that she wishes to be erased?

nixinoo Mon 31-Oct-16 15:49:22

Suspension isn't the same as being removed and I don't think they will let you self remove if there is an ongoing investigation. However, like the other poster says you can write to them asking for their policies/procedures re self removal.

Floralnomad Mon 31-Oct-16 15:51:33

I'm not sure you can just remove yourself if there is a case outstanding , I rescinded my membership last year because I was retiring early and one of the questions on the form was about any outstanding complaints . I think it's to stop people signing themselves off the register to avoid a hearing and then rejoining 2/3 months down the line . Have you tried just writing a letter stating that your sister is too unwell to participate in any further actions and that she wishes to be removed and see what response you get .

cheekymonk Mon 31-Oct-16 16:16:39

Thank you all for your input. I have stated her wishes but have been sent an email today saying that she can't voluntarily remover herself until investigation is complete (as a previous poster said). I'm just finding the NMC very bullish. They have accessed her GP records, they know the score and yet still won't just let it rest? I'd understand if she was determined to keep working as a

cheekymonk Mon 31-Oct-16 21:32:48

No other thoughts or experience with NMC?

nixinoo Mon 31-Oct-16 21:36:01

They are legally bound to investigate. They can't just let it go I'm afraid.

Showmetheminstrels Mon 31-Oct-16 21:37:02

I think it's fairly standard in healthcare registers that you can't just remove yourself if there is currently an investigation against you. And sorry, but I think they are right to be "bullish"- they are safeguarding patients. It's one of the few professions where we can kill people!

Pragmatically, how much is it affecting her, day to day though? She doesn't want to practice and you are dealing with any correspondence- can't you and she just file it all away, go about your daily lives and let it eventually come to the end of the suspension and then remove her?

MegCleary Mon 31-Oct-16 21:38:03

ACAS are employment specialists they may be able to provide some advice.

FadedRed Mon 31-Oct-16 21:46:22

Sorry for your sister's health problems. flowers
As previous posters have said, she will not be allowed to voluntarily rescind her registration while there is an ongoing case. The fitness to practice hearing will go ahead. She does not have to attend, but it will go ahead in her absence.
General information is available on the NMC website, and they will contact your sister by post at the last address they have for her, so she needs to inform them of any changes.

Showmetheminstrels Mon 31-Oct-16 22:47:00

I'm very sorry for her troubles by the way. I hope she gets to a better place soon.

cheekymonk Tue 01-Nov-16 18:17:58

Thanks again for the replies. I feel under pressure from my family to just sort it and make it go away. I keep explaining that there is a procedure that has to be followed. ACAS could be worth a try...

missyB1 Tue 01-Nov-16 18:31:01

It's a shame she wasn't in a union. The NMC are not very helpful to Nurses undergoing investigation unfortunately. What is the nature of the complaint? if it's about her mental health then they have the information they need and should be getting in with making a decision. Ask for a date when they expect the investigation to be concluded, and ask if they have guidelines on how long investigations should take. Remind them that the longer they take the more stress they are causing to someone who is already unwell.
I hated paying my yearly charge to such an inefficient organisation.

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