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How to start divorce proceedings

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Kel1234 Fri 28-Oct-16 12:43:05

Things are bad with my husband and I. I want some info about how I'd go about starting divorce proceedings.
I'm a full time student, who has no real income besides my student loan. Dh is on a low income as well. We have 1 child together. We agreed that if we were to divorce lo would be with me 4 nights a week, him 3 - so joint custody. He also said he would continue to support lo financially as best he can.
I'm confused as to what I need to do to get things started. I don't have a solicitor as I'm only 23 and never needed one before. How would I go about paying for it with no income. He says he won't pay as I'm the one who wants it.
Any advice will be welcome. Thank You

sprinklesofweirdness Fri 28-Oct-16 12:48:19

Do you get any benefits?

sprinklesofweirdness Fri 28-Oct-16 12:48:45

Also you could contact the citizen's advice bureau

MrsBertBibby Fri 28-Oct-16 18:16:55

Google D8, and you can download the petition from the HMCTS website free. Complete it using the guidance. Send it with 2 extra copies and your original marriage certificate to the relevant divorce centre. You can probably get out of the court fee by sending in form ex160 with the evidence required. Otherwise it's £550.

Marilynsbigsister Sat 29-Oct-16 07:36:38

MRSBERTBIBBY is spot on. With only a student loan to your name and 1 child (I presume you have child Benefit) you will be exempt from court fees. You really don't need a solicitor if you have no property or money to argue about.

I did my divorce my self, very easy. Download divorce forms from internet (HMCTS website) and follow instructions. With no assets to squabble over and an agreement over child contact, a solicitor is just a very expensive form filler.

If you are not a confident form filler ask a friend. People who work in hospital/government admin are usually pretty good at these type of forms. I am a pretty lowly civil servant and must have done over 20 divorces over the last ten years. When there is agreement and no money involved it's really very simple.

A word of warning- if you or he have any funds/property/trusts due to you now or in the very near future, you need a solicitor and DIY is a false economy.

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