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Positive Online divorce story!

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upapalmtree Thu 27-Oct-16 12:16:50

Just wanted to give anyone who's out there looking at Divorce company options a review of a very good experience I've just had - and cheap!

My ex-husband (as of 3 days ago!) and I have had a very amicable divorce. I instigated, he was shocked and upset, but we came to a financial resolution between ourselves almost instantly as I was fine with a 50/50 split of finances and child custody. We have 2 properties, we are currently both still in the family home while it sells and he gets the 2nd home in the divorce while I take the equity from the sale of this.

We were worried about solicitor fees having been round to a few places and the minimum high street price seeming to be around £2k + court fees. I decided to go out on a limb and choose Divorce-Online who do a consent order full divorce package for £265 + the mandatory £550 court fee. The £265 includes everything - completing the consent order and all court filings etc.

I got myself clued up so I knew the process and have to say it has not only been really easy, but really quick, painless, and ridiculously cost effective, which was a big concern for us.

I cannot recommend them highly enough, there is another option out there other than high street solicitors, and if you are having a straightforward divorce I can only say this is the way to go.

Hope that helps anyone out there.

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