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final court hearing

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mrsdarcey78 Fri 21-Oct-16 16:16:44

Hi the final court hearing for a child contact order should be this Tuesday. was supposed to be the 13th then got adjourned, will not be getting cafcass report now until Monday, so the day before. I have 3 children ages 18 15 and 9, oldest two wont be discussed as they are too old. None of them want contact (at least direct), with father, not seen him for two years, he was a emotional bully, there was DV, and abuse. Kids have all told cafcass they dont want to see him, and also a independent advocate and also written to the judge. (9 year old is 10 in April). Indirect contact was discussed when they saw the cafcass officer. still wont have the report until Monday. Can I ask what is discussed at the final court hearing and what topics etc are brought up?. I have been worrying and we have all been distressed for over 3 months over this. I have had to pay for a solicitor and barrister. the barrister will be there Tuesday. have also asked for a private waiting room and a screen, this was also asked for at the first hearing and they did not provide it. any help or advice appreciated thank you. x

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