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Bump in car park

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fourleafclovr Mon 17-Oct-16 22:16:35

Hi all,

While reversing out of a tight car park space on Sunday l bumped into the car behind me, l actually thought l had hit the kerb, so stopped to get out to check. A passer by stopped and said you bumped into that car, l replied that l thought i had actually hit the kerb but turned out it was the car. There was so muchmuch old damage on the actual car it was really hard to know if l had made it any way worse? I left my details on the car but heard nothing so reported it to the police this morning. The advised that l had done as much as l could and just to wait for contact.
Phone call came tonight, lady said all the damage on he car was old but she thought there was fresh damage to the front, paintwork but no dents, and asked if l would prefer to settle cash or go through insurance. I told her l reported it to the police, which seemed to shock her, but she's going to get a quote and come back to me.
I personally think she's just out for a few pounds as there's not one mark on my car. Yes l was honest but do l call her bluff and tell her to go through my insurance as i cant understand how tidying up a scratch mark on her bumper would benefit the car which is full of damage?

PikachuSayBoo Mon 17-Oct-16 22:21:08

Its quite possible to hit someone and damage their car and hardly leave a mark on your own car. Someone damaged my car so badly in a carpark I needed a new door and they had a slight scuff to their bumper which rubbed off.

Even if the car has other bumps she's entitled to the repair of any damage you've caused. Your insurance will pay out no problem as you're admitting you've hit her and the insurance won't be able to prove you haven't caused the damage. For a small bump it's not worth them arguing. So you would have to pay your excess. Is it worth it? Depends which will cost more. Plus your insurance will go up next year even with protected no claims.

LurkingHusband Tue 18-Oct-16 09:49:14

Did you get photos before you drove off ?

fourleafclovr Tue 18-Oct-16 17:23:38

I did, and i also have the witness who saw what hapoened.
I was advised not to actualky speak further with her and to go through insurance and not pay her cash as any surveyor would know if it was old damage as opposed to new damage and she's saying that the new damage is on the front when i would have bumped into her from a side angle.
Im not denying that i bumped into her but i was nudging out of the space not even moving the mileage gage on the car, which is why i know i didn't do any major damage.
I have photos of where it happened and of her car and all the damage, just wondered why she hadn't rectified any of her previous damage on her car, honestly having a bit of paintwork repaired wont change all the damage on car

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