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home2016 Mon 17-Oct-16 21:25:15

everyone im currently in a situation my daughter went her dads in august she was meant to be back 5 th september but he has refused to let her come home hes accused me my husband and my 4 sons of mental physical and emotional abuse we have been assessed by social services and they have cleared us of these false accusations and has been told by social worker to bring her home but he still refuses to she is not in any education down there or anything he sleeps in till late afternoon and leaves her to make her own cereal the social went there the other day they was in bed (him and his gf) but my daughter went to the livingroom window (were she currently sleeps due to no bedroom) to see who was there , so now im having to go court to get her back what are my chances here not to mention he has no parental rights hes not on certificate but plans to move with her also

I went to see solicitor gotta get £1200 together for her to put the case to court
She defo needs school she's in year 2 yupbi have and because he has DNA paper to prove he's her dad the police won't get involved sad and nope she has no bed to sleep in only a sofa not to mention he has a 6 month old son too and a weed addiction so what are my chances of getting her back in court he won't let me speak to her or see her either
he slags me off infront of her cant imagine how she really feels

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