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Married name & maiden name

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KARMAisaB Mon 17-Oct-16 02:56:32

So here goes:

My friend got married recently, changed her passport/driving licence to her married name. 2 of her bank accounts changed to married name and 2 is still in maiden name.

Question is, by law if she didn't change the other 2 accounts to her maiden name is it classed as fraud by misrepresentation?

I think it's not but she doesn't believe me and wanted to see other people saying it ( don't ask me why grin)

I asked her to just change it but she said no as apparently it's linked to her paypal and she likes to use that card for online shopping! shock

So pls, show her you answers smile

GruochMacAlpin Mon 17-Oct-16 03:00:35

It wouldn't be misrepresentation in Scotland certainly.

Here you are legally both names. For example my will says Gruoch MacAlpin or MacBeth.

I think England is a bit different though, best thing to do is pop down to her branch and ask.

I would imagine lots of people have different names for work/personal lives.

HapShawl Mon 17-Oct-16 05:49:53

my mum has used two different surnames interchangeably for most of her life, on different types of ID and accounts etc. She isn't trying to defraud anyone. It's absolutely fine.

specialsubject Mon 17-Oct-16 12:45:42

plenty of people do it although it does rather make work. Not illegal.

changing the passport was a waste of £70-odd unless it was about to expire though!

FlapsTie Mon 17-Oct-16 12:47:23

Half my stuff's in my maiden name and half in my married. Including bank accounts. It's never been a problem.

Pantsalive Mon 17-Oct-16 12:55:47

My Paypal account is one of the few things left in my maiden name (12 years later) but the bank card and account linked to it are in my married name, so that shouldn't stop her changing things if she wants too.

I changed my name at the bank but had my maiden name listed as also acceptable

tarheelbaby Mon 17-Oct-16 13:01:40

If she's not trying to deceive anyone surely it's fine. I have used two surnames for over a decade now. Some things are in my maiden name (diplomae, certificates, qualifications, various accounts) and some in my married one.
I only changed my passport to my married name after 8 yrs when it came due for renewal. I now use 2 passports in different names: the cancelled one with my (still perfectly valid) visa and the current one.

Does she have a copy of her birth certificate? If anyone questioned me, I would produce that as my back-up.

mangocoveredlamb Mon 17-Oct-16 13:02:04

I'm pretty sure you're legally entitled to operate both names.

Last week I opened a bank account in my maiden name. I took all if in my married name plus marriage cert and birth cert and they were fine with it.

mangocoveredlamb Mon 17-Oct-16 13:05:26

Also I tried to change my name on PayPal, and they said I had to send an original marriage certificate to the States. I'm not doing that!!

SpotTheDuck Mon 17-Oct-16 13:17:40

So long as there's no intent to deceive, it's not fraud or misrepresentation.

It's pretty common for women to use two surnames.

KARMAisaB Mon 17-Oct-16 13:40:30

Thank you for all the replies.

She read at the replies and pretty relieved that she's not doing something wrong.

She still wanted to keep as it is at the mo.


JaniceBattersby Mon 17-Oct-16 16:05:34

I use my married name for 'home' stuff (bills, joint account, kids stuff etc) and my maiden name for 'work' stuff (personal bank account, wages, everything professional) and have done for 10'years. It's never been an issue.

Iittlemisstax Mon 17-Oct-16 21:21:49

I have both names in my passport so I can use it as ID for both.

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