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Children writing letters to the Judge

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mrsdarcey78 Sun 16-Oct-16 11:49:58

Hi the cafcass man has suggested that the children write letters to the judge. Has anyone had any experience of this?. Does it need to be done via someone or witnessed by anyone? Or just direct from the children?. They are 18 15 and 9. Just the 9 year old will be discussed at the court. They have all said they do not want contact to cafcass, and a independent advocate also who is preparing a statement for court also. Thank you for any help x

MinnieF1 Sun 16-Oct-16 12:00:45

Hello. If I were you, I'd ask CAFCASS or another independent professional to write the letter with the child so the court can't accuse you of 'parental alienation' or manipulating your child by telling them what to write.

I'm not sure if they will do this, but it's certainly worth a shot. Have you got a social worker, or a family case worker who could help? Or somebody in school?

mrsdarcey78 Sun 16-Oct-16 12:14:43

we have no involvement with social services, and they are home educated. the advocate came over from the independent advocacy ran by the county council, and took independent statements from them. they also had to fill in work sheets, saying who they wanted to live with, speak too in person and on the phone. the cafcass officer said to them they could all write letters to the judge and it was fine, and he was happy as long as he got a copy of them. i have also emailed my solicitor for advice but it takes days for her to get back. x

mumblechum0 Sun 16-Oct-16 16:16:28

I'd suggest that you just ask the 15 and 9 year old to write something, and provide a copy to the advocate. There's no need to get it witnessed or anything formal. Remember that your ex also needs to receive a copy of each letter.

The 18 year old is surely irrelevant - surprised the cafcass officer has even spoken to him/her.

mrsdarcey78 Sun 16-Oct-16 21:41:39

I was surprised he was put through it too. the cafcass man said he wanted to get a full picture from all the kids, even though the 18 and 15 year old wont be even discussed at the court. maybe it was to show what they had all been through perhaps. I just wish it wasn't happening really, its been awful for us all. xxx

palanca Mon 17-Oct-16 09:38:43

I would ask Cafcass how they suggest that the letters are written and WHERE they are written. I would have thought it would be much better if they could be written whilst your DC were at school and then taken by the teacher and handed straight to Cafcass so that there could be no suggestion of you being involved

mumblechum0 Mon 17-Oct-16 11:12:08

They're home educated, though, aren't they?

palanca Mon 17-Oct-16 11:39:58

Yes, you are correct - what about doing them at cafcass offices?

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