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Child maintenance assessments

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JMKid Fri 14-Oct-16 17:07:28

Not sure where is best to place this but after some advice. Ex has not paid any maintenance since January. Was only paying £7 a week from job seekers allowance (despite working self employed - a whole other story). He came off that middle of January. Arrears have been adding up using the £7 a week. This has now moved to enforcement. He has been in paid employment since beginning of August which they know about. They looking at doing a deductions of earnings which like everything else they do takes forever to suit out. Given they know he is working and have a start date they will not ammends the arrears to include his earnings. They will only do a new assessment at the annual review which fortunely for me is end of next month. However, how is that fair that my LO loses even more financial support because they won't do their jobs properly. Since middle of September 2015 I've only received £76 plus change from him which in fact came from tax payers. Sorry for the rant but where is the justice that only 1 parent bares sole financial responsibility whilst the other pays nothingangry

gizmo79 Tue 18-Oct-16 23:14:02

Hi, just wanted to say that you are not alone in your thinking. I am currently incredibly annoyed as after years of non payment, managed to be having some payments as ex is now working. BUT... he is only declaring an income of 15k when he is actually on 40k. So despite being owed a lot in backdated amount, he is getting away with paying a lot less than half. Luckily my daughter now does not need childcare, but for many years I struggled with 2 jobs just to pay nursery and rent.
Totally get where you are coming from. Good luck with the CMO.

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