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Urgent - Advice - do I need a barrister for an enforcement order hearing?

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whyMe2014 Tue 11-Oct-16 11:59:29

My ex husband has applied for an enforcement order against me regarding the child arrangement order. Do I need to use a barrister?
Can I claim costs if he fails?

Fourormore Tue 11-Oct-16 12:27:07

Did you breach the order?
It's fairly uncommon to be able to claim costs from the other party in family law cases.

whyMe2014 Tue 11-Oct-16 12:43:45

No I don't think I did.
He's moved in with the OW and he's refusing to give me his address when he has the children. I haven't refused contact. The order says that he emails dates and I agree them if possible or offer alternative dates which I have done. He was only seeing them one weekend a month and now he has actually reduced it to one day a month with no overnights. So he is actually taking me to court for something which technically he doesn't want.
He's claims costs against me and if wants to cripple me financially (long story).

whyMe2014 Tue 11-Oct-16 12:46:17

*He's claiming costs against me and he wants to cripple me financially.
(Apologies for the typing errors)

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