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cafcass home visit on Monday

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mrsdarcey78 Sat 08-Oct-16 17:27:16

Hi I have the cafcass officer due to my home on Monday to do the interview for the children for the section 7 report.
the two older children ages 18 and 15 have been taken off the paperwork, only the 10 year old left on it. He still wants to speak to all 3 children.
They have not seen their father in over 2 years, and he was emotionally abusive and cruel. They do not direct contact with him.
Final court date is Thursday. Any tips on how to approach this, I have asked and been told they can have a chaperone there with them. (grudgingly).
I do not want to say anything about direct contact etc, as this is not what the children want. I have returned all the paperwork cafcass asked of me and attended a interview on my own.
He is also now defending the divorce petition (please see other thread).
Thank you for any help, I will have a barrister with me on Thursday, I am having to fund this on my own. x

Alorsmum Sun 09-Oct-16 21:29:37

Why would you want a chaperone? They are not there to catch you out but to ascertain the children's views. The older twos views will be important as they may have seen and experienced things which affect how much contact your youngest should have. You are on a no go to try and dictate that the cafcass officer should not ask the kids about direct contact "as they don't want it" - they need to tell the cafcass officer that directly.

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