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Urgent advice needed

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Angelsmommy Thu 06-Oct-16 19:51:49

Hi all basically I have come out of a abusive relationship things were not good since the loss of out son years ago , now basically we split up around 8 months ago. He never harmed my children may I had but my eldest heard and saw the abuse he's not his , now my youngest is 3 he did have him weekends with a thir party advice from the police as I got abuse everytime I saw Him , to cut a long story short he didn't turn up with my son at said time and was hour late to avoid te third party , I was too scared to go out and collect my son , and like I said the police advised this , anyway he took him for 3 days said he was going away with him and he might fetch him back he might not , he failed take him school , and turned te phones off I had no contact and was worried out of my mind , since that day 4 months ago I have not dared to let him see his son as fear of him taking him and never fetching him back . He speaks on phone to him , and can sometimes be nice then starts saying to our son mummy won't let me see you and verbally abusing me over the phone to my son (he has his own phone to speak to his dad as I have no contact with him , I have no money and I feel gutted I'm having to do this , but I know he will not fetch him back , I need some advice f what I can do xx

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