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Non-accidental injury fact finding help!

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ashley92 Wed 05-Oct-16 16:27:33

Hi my daughter was taken away about 6 months ago now, due to an suspected non-accidental injury, she is accommodated under an interim care order (ICO) currently with her paternal great aunt.

This all occurred in April of this year when my daughter was 3 months old, I went out for the day alone, (first time since she was born), she was left in the care of her father, we were in a relationship at the time, her father left my daughter in the care of her maternal step grandmother also on this day whilst i was out. I came home later that evening and my daughter seemed different she was crying i wouldn't particularly say extreme at this time, i just put it down to her being in a different routine and wondering where i was all day.

The next evening i went to make her bottles and come back to the bed room and my daughter was screaming and hot to touch, i was immdeialty worried and asked what had happened whilst i was gone, (as when i left she was in her swing) my partner at the time and my two younger brothers were round, and my partner said she was getting tired so he put her to bed, no one else seemed to bat an eyelid. My daughter normally settles with me instantly, on this occasion she didnt, i was so worried i undressed her and looked for rashes as i was worried about meningitis.

Anyway around half an hour later i called 111 as i was extremely concerned, they also didnt seem to bothered, but i know my baby and something wasnt right, so i took her to my local hospital this was around 1am, after a few hours the doctor reassured me she was fine and had a viral infection. we took her home.

Over the next couple of days my Daugher seemed very withdrawn, i put this down to the calpol i was giving her, she did have some crying fits, but as i thought i knew what was wrong with her i tried not to worry to much.

2 days after the first addmission to hospital she was having alot of trouble going to sleep and woke up crying every 10-15 minutes i was getting more concerned again, whilst i was laying on the bed with my daughter my partner come in and said he didn't think her leg was moving as much, which i examined and believed this to be the case.

My partner and i took her straight back to hospital, this time a different one as i believed the first one didn't do there job properly. Once we got there was seen basically right away, we was taken into a side room and laid my daughter down on the bed, the doctor addmited she wasnt using her leg but at this time she was in no pain and actually smiling and laughing at the doctor...

Doctor examined her and said she was ok, and was about to let us go home, i wasnt at all happy and knew she wasnt right, i asked for another doctor to come in, while we were waiting in the room my daughter started to cry a strange cry so my partner videoed this on his phone to show the doctor when he got back encase she stopped by then.

Anyway a new doctor came in and again she was smiling away, he was examining her leg for a good 3-4 minutes and nothing, then he must have got it in a position which hurt and she screamed like the scream i heard which resulted in the first hospital trip, the doctor told us he believed she had 'septic arthritis' i must add there was not a mark on her at all no swelling nothing, He ordered her to have an xray right away.

Well the xray came back, and i was told she has a spiral fracture to her left femur! i was absolutely distraught. well from then she was in hospital for 2 weeks and put into traction. My poor baby having to go through all that pain and i didnt even know!

From there social services and police were involved, we had to do interviews everyone done statements, no one was saying anything to how this injury has happened, and 6 months down the line this is still the case,

I have separated from my partner, there are 6 people in the pool of who had my little girl alone over the period this could have happened, i have a very strong sense of who has caused this injury just nothing to prove it.

The fact finding is in one week and im so terrified i wont get her back, if anyone has any information about a fact finding or anyone's personal experiences it would help a great amount

MrsBertBibby Wed 05-Oct-16 18:55:02

You have a solicitor, of course?

ashley92 Wed 05-Oct-16 20:19:29

hi, i do yes, but even he said based on probability, even though me and my ex partner separated and ive completely stopped speaking to the others in the pool, he said that he thinks its highly likely the judge will say it was one of the parents but unsure which one! only because we were the ones who was with her most of the time! he also said unless im removed from the pool theres no way the judge will give my daughter back! the guardian and local authority are both saying she should be returned to me as long as no findings are made towards me as ive proved i can keep her safe in the parenting assessments and things. seems on unfair because how can someone prove they didnt do something sad

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