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Taking a witness to family court

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MummyT12 Wed 05-Oct-16 14:58:15

My ex is seeking further access but there have been incidents of aggression which have been witnesses by a friend.
I'm acting on my own so it is worth filing a witness statement and taking her to court with me?
I'm not she would want to give evidence but if it would help then she might hmm

JMKid Wed 05-Oct-16 19:41:01

You are able to submit a witness statement from your friend but you and her will only need to give evidence if you can't agree on access prior to going to the courtroom. In my experience they didn't care about any aggressive behaviour, threats, etc. Pretty sure they didn't even read all the paperwork that took hours to complete (also had no solicitor). The Magistrates will give them what he wants so try to mutually agree if you can.

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