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Decree Nisi

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Izahi123 Thu 29-Sep-16 01:49:33

Hey! about my querry, i want to know how long is it taking these days to process decree nisi i did ring court after two weeks, they said they have received the papers and are in que but its been five weeksi have got no reply from anywhere, mine court is family and county Manchester courts. They did said its taking 4 to weeks though. I have applied it myself and they even mention taht they 100 cases scheduled! It already took me 9 months to come here. Please i need ur serious help!

Familylawsolicitor Thu 29-Sep-16 05:45:49

Bury St Edmunds which handles all the divorces in the south east is currently taking 6-8 weeks so I would allow similar at Manchester before chasing

kirinm Thu 29-Sep-16 10:33:17

Is that 6-8 weeks from filing the original petition? Christ. I've just applied for mine and was hoping it would be slightly quicker than that.

Can anyone explain why there has to be a 6-week wait before applying for the decree absolute?

TheFormidableMrsC Thu 29-Sep-16 10:38:55

It took me 8 weeks to receive mine (Hertfordshire).'s 6 weeks and one day because, I understand, if there are any outstanding financial matters then they should be completed before the absolute is issued. Further, some people change their mind, believe it or not, thus there is a bit of breathing space. It's mandatory.

kirinm Thu 29-Sep-16 10:43:21

Since we've been separated for 4 years and only spoken about the divorce in that time, he'd better not change his mind!

Bury St Edmunds automated email response says they're dealing with correspondence within 5 working days which doesn't sound correct going by this thread.

TheFormidableMrsC Thu 29-Sep-16 10:50:02

Well it doesn't matter if he does, you can still apply for it. Bury St Edmunds will probably deal with the correspondence, but it is still a process and has to have a "mention" in court. 6-8 weeks is very normal.

Familylawsolicitor Thu 29-Sep-16 11:30:04

Bury St Edmunds is taking 6-8 weeks to process DN applications from sending in the application for DN. It's because the centralisation of divorces has caused huge backlogs and the DN applications have to be considered by a judge (whereas other aspects of the process are done by court staff admin).

The 6 week waiting period from decree nisi until you can apply for decree absolute is a separate waiting period. However decree absolutes are coming through about 7-14 days after application.

Familylawsolicitor Thu 29-Sep-16 11:37:43

Correspondence is not the same as a DN application.

This is from today's Bury St Edmunds update

The Judiciary are currently processing applications for Decree Nisi which were received on 15th August 2016. The answer to these applications will be processed by our admin team in approximately 14 days. If the application is granted a pronouncement date will be set for a further 4 weeks on from processing.

So that's 14th Aug until today to get to a judge. Then 14 days for admin to send out a letter with either the date of DN four weeks from processing (I hope this is from Judge processing but probably means from admin processing).
So make it more like 10-12 weeks at present.

kirinm Thu 29-Sep-16 11:38:06

God that's so long. I know things are slow in the Courts (I'm a solicitor) but didn't realise the divorce centre was even slower.

I was hoping we'd be divorced by Christmas but that looks a bit hopeful.

kirinm Thu 29-Sep-16 11:41:47

10-12 weeks is ridiculous. Was the setting up of divorce centres meant to free up County Court judges? So massive fee increases for an even poorer service than before! Now that is standard throughout all Courts (although the High Courts are pretty efficient).

Familylawsolicitor Thu 29-Sep-16 11:42:24

The divorce centre is slower than any court I've ever had to deal with.
If something gets kicked back for a minor admin error and you need to resubmit then the correspondence goes back in the queue of weeks and weeks

kirinm Thu 29-Sep-16 11:45:19

I'm shocked. That sort of timescale wouldn't be tolerated in most courts.

Familylawsolicitor Thu 29-Sep-16 12:18:02

It's a disaster but I am not surprised given the enormous burden of work that was centralised.

The very old divorce files I still have in what used to be the local county courts come back super quickly in comparison

Izahi123 Thu 29-Sep-16 21:52:40

I did rang courts and they said they are taking 4 to 6 weeks in issuing it, mine is in manchester county and family courts and they have 100 divorce cases,

Izahi123 Thu 29-Sep-16 21:57:51

I have applied it on 26th of august and its 5th week now, i have my birthday on 14th of oct, i want it to end up before it, the decree nisi so i celebrate it. Its my 21st birthday 😭

Izahi123 Thu 29-Sep-16 22:00:51

I have applied for nisi in may, i have to resubmit paper again for the third time, i have to see this waiting time for the third time

Familylawsolicitor Fri 30-Sep-16 01:53:00

Why do you need to resubmit

Izahi123 Fri 30-Sep-16 19:49:51

I resubmitted the application of nisi, the clerk said when i did ring him aftr 2 weeks that they are taking 4 to 6 weeks, does it comes normally when they give me this time scale, and what about absolute ? How long it comes after applying.

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