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Grandparents seeking contact order help please

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someonenew01 Sat 24-Sep-16 15:24:04

Hi all comments appreciated

The grandmother of my son (ex's mother) has started court proceedings for a contact order to see my son more than what she does already .
As it stands she currently sees my son through the father when he has him she sees him then. Myself and ex partner agreed this decision due to her having a detrimental effect on his health, well being and school life . Every time he was in her care stayed at her property he would come home terribly Ill throwing up which led to him having time off school ,he came back with fleas in his hair and clothes , came back saying that she and the grandfather were drunk whilst they had him the list is endless !! I moved to be with my new partner and since had a baby I've had non stop stress not only since I've had my son with her but even when I moved , she is obsessed she would message me everyday asking how her little man was ect demanding on days to see him and when I didn't or couldn't so that day would guilt trip me and make myaelf and ex argue , my ex and I have not managed to have an amicable relationship for our son whilst she was heavily involved but since we agreed access through father we have had a very good amicable relationship for our child and I've been able to get on with my life also without the stress and upset that she caused. She has verbally abused me to members of my family and I find her intolerable and refuse to have anything to do with her I'm worried that in court she will be awarded what she wants n I Hart to put up with her ruining my life

blueskyinmarch Sat 24-Sep-16 15:29:10

What does your ex think about what’s DM is doing? She has no rights in respect of your son and if both of you are together on not wanting your DS to have contact with her any more than she does, i would doubt the court would agree to it.

HeddaGarbled Sat 24-Sep-16 15:30:46

It sounds highly unlikely that she will be given what she wants. I recommend that you sit down and write a record of all the things that you have cited above as reasons she shouldn't see your son unsupervised. Try and remember approximate dates and write a list of all the worrying incidents. This will be your evidence so try and be as factual and as accurate as you can.

SolomanDaisy Sat 24-Sep-16 15:39:18

Grandparents aren't automatically entitled to apply for a contact order, they have to apply for permission to apply. Has she already been granted that? My understanding is that since she already has contact, she may not get permission to apply.

someonenew01 Sat 24-Sep-16 15:46:05

Hi my ex doesn't want anything to do with what she is doing so won't comment in it (so he says now she could persuade him to lie as she's like that ) he is happy with our current arrangements but she wants more , what does DM mean please ? She has applied for leave and I Hart to attend a directions meeting very soon will the courts see sense in what she has done and see that I actually cannot bear anything to do with her and that I also have an 18 month old baby and another life also my son has other grandparents not just her that he sees
Thank you for your comments

someonenew01 Sat 24-Sep-16 15:53:33

The reason that she is playing on to the court is that my ex works away , she has states that there us a risk he could be away for up to six months at a time and in that time she wouldn't see him but this has never happened and is only known to go away for 6 weeks at a time

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