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Letting agent in breach of housing regs.

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Isabelle112 Fri 23-Sep-16 18:33:18

DS in student house. Agent has been/is a nightmare to deal with - one of the outstanding problems is that the double socket in his room is either inactive (as they say) or faulty. We saw it loose and DS says it doesn't work, anyway. Agent has promised to blank it and the implication was that the electrician would provide a working double socket.

House was, according to agent, visit by the Council's HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) Officer but clealry they didn't spot this one (or the rising damp in the kitchen, or, or ....).

Agent assured us that work would be carried out start of this past week - and we have written several times since then as it hasn't happened. Have also dropped a note to HMO department but not word.

DS' studies start and clearly this is a problem but, most of all, it's a breach of HMO regs. DS wants to get back to agent - but is worried they will be totally unresponsive. Any suggested course of action?

I thought things has tightened up considerably re HM0s - in this case, seems not. Thanks for any suggestions.

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