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Stopped using solicitor after Decree Nisi, can I apply for Decree Absolute myself?

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SteadyHand Thu 22-Sep-16 06:44:34

I paid for a solicitor to do my divorce and we got as far as the decree nisi. At that point, I couldn't afford to use her anymore, as my ex kept emailing her pestering for the decree absolute, whereas I wanted to sort the financial matters (which he refused to do). It became a difficult situation because each month I would receive a bill that was for my solicitor answering his emails, yet nothing was resolved. In the end, my solicitor suggested closing my case until I was ready to apply for the decree absolute/my ex was ready to sort finances to avoid me paying more fees.

Anyway, I am now ready to apply for the absolute and have downloaded and filled out the form. Then it occurred to me, will the certificate be sent to my solicitor, as it was her who started the divorce? I paid all court costs up front, so I know it's been paid for.

Can I do this part myself, or must I go through my solicitor again?

Collaborate Thu 22-Sep-16 07:19:11

File a notice of acting in person with the court. They'll send all future papers to you after that.

SteadyHand Thu 22-Sep-16 07:47:47

Thank you, I'll see if I can download one.

Familylawsolicitor Thu 22-Sep-16 23:07:03

You're petitioner and respondent not claimant and defendant but you can use this form
Has it been more than 12 months since decree nisi? If so you will need to file a statement as well

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