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Ex- broke court order & lied HELP UGENTLY NEEDED!

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Pandamanda3 Wed 21-Sep-16 11:04:04

Long long story but can anybody shed some light?
Just finalised divorce after long 2 yr battle, ex-hub has been a rat, was arrested for dv and other issues, has lied, hid, and winged the whole divorce process! I have an order from court to lay out financials etc.. Within first 2 wks he failed on his duty to give mortgage company irrevocable authority for me to discuss, access our mortgage as it was in his sole name. Iv since struggled to pay my contribution as they say he's not allowed my access and they don't know who I am. And won't take my money. Crazy as if it defaults it's in his name not mine ?
I got 70% of fmh were I still reside. On form E and right through to signing he maintained the propertys outstanding norgage was £165k however since then I have discovered it was in fact £173k as he hasn't been paying it since leaving? He claimed he'd overpaid and he let the overpayment take care of payments each month? But it doesn't add up. So he has deceived me I signed on the understanding I wud get 70% of x amount of collateral but now it's not the figure he led us to believe. He left me with huge debts which part of the undertaking was my 70% would cover and im to take them, however im £9k down. He has pleaded he's had to pay the fmh morgage each month & his rent so when agreeing maintenance he said he cud only afford pittance so as he has it paid morgage he's also got away with providing descent maintenance.

My problem is due to our financial situation Iv only managed to pay £10k off solicitors bill I have £7 remaining she has said it would need addressing & endorsing by the judge but they will not represent me due to further costs incurred which I see is fair but Iv paid (due to pay) in total £18k for an order to secure my share in the property and get divorced 'and I can't even benefit from its legal protection as if I don't pay and take him to court I can't get his wrong doings addressed!

I feel totally distressed, the whole situation has been awful for 2 years I thought that now divirced with legal binding order it would be the end of situation but he's still doing as he likes. I have 2 ds's one of which is disabled, he got the business ran off with all our savings, Iv started a business myself but suffer I'll health so with that and ds' disability it's hard to cope.

Solicitor is also trying to force me to sell my home to pay her costs, despite her being the one to fight for our order to state we can remain in fmh till my son reaches 21. So I can't even used that either as she's demanding I sell now.

Sorry it's long winded but is there anybody who Knows what I can do or were I stand?

Am I right to think this is breaking the order?

So grateful for any help, im out my mind with worry it's making me ill!

greenberet Wed 21-Sep-16 16:47:56

Hi Panda - im not legal but I share your pain - im still to finalise my divorce and it has made me ill too - all the lies, the game playing by solicitors - ive spent an insurance payout i got for breast cancer and been ditched by my solicitors 6 weeks before final hearing so they avoid having to deal with something they've missed. i lost the FH due to the x's lies at court and ive just come on here to update one of my posts and have seen yours - somehow this needs to change - hop eyou have had some help

Pandamanda3 Wed 21-Sep-16 23:18:58

Hi greenberat
I'm so sorry to hear of your situation too, it's dreadful and yes I agree it has to be changed, too many cases of lies and deception, and if you are anything like me 'I really relied on the British court system to protect mine & my boys rights'. Just had not happened.
Why they even do a form e I don't know, as its my experience and others Iv spoken with that it doesn't matter if you do lie as nobody's a bit interested. I told the truth throughout and he lied and got away with it, even though the evidence was so clear cut!

What are you going to do now? My heart goes out to you, my solicitor constantly dangled the carrot of I won't represent you in court if you don't pay, Id already at that point paid 10k and she knew Id pay but it was just hard at times and I needed to save. She messaged me xmas eve told me that my court date was straight after xmas so I had no choice my dad bailed me out had to give her £3k as I had no credit cards left, xmas eve! It is so wrong.

Can I ask why you lost fmh? If your financial hearing isn't due yet then you may still be able to get your share I mean prior to an order being made on the division of your assets.

Will you be able to maybe get representation from somebody else? Gosh it's just dreadful.

I'm so sorry to hear you've also suffered cancer your ex should be disgraced at himself how low to do this to you knowing you've been so poorly.

thank you so much for replying, it's got me not knowing what to do or which way to turn.
I hope there is a legal expert able to offer advise for us both here.
Or anybody who's had experience of what to do now.
I really am thinking of you greenberat, if I can answer anything for you from my experience I'll surely try as I have became divorced now.

Many thanks x

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